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Gift Tulip Wrap

Gift Tulip Wrap


In the UK Tulips that are grown in their natural season without artificial heat and light means that they will be available during April and May.


You are still looking for a beautiful gift and we would like to offer you a sustainable option that considers our planet's resources. Our flowers are grown in their natural season without chemicals, pesticides or preservatives.


We will deliver a Gift Card in a gift box with a small dried flower decoration as a gift on the day. Your Gift Card can then be exchanged for a Wrap of Tulips and Seasonal Foliage during April and May.


This wrap is available for local delivery within Ullapool, or you may choose to collect.

Please allow 48 hours before your chosen delivery date.


Please be aware that the photograph is intended to provide an indication of size and style and the individual elements of your bouquet will vary according to availability.

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