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Ullapool Scottish Highlands

Our flowers are grounded in the Highland landscape where each season brings its own clarity and fullness. We work using organic practices on the top of the hill overlooking the sea loch, and on to the Minch, where on the clearest of days we can just see the Outer Hebrides. Exposed in the winter, the garden catches the last last second of the daylight we enjoy in the long days of June.


Flowers brighten our every day and we love being a part of their transformative potential.


They have within them the capacity to restore our connection with our natural world.


Our flowers are artisan and each arrangement is utterly unique, allowing us to reflect their natural seasonal shape and beauty. 

Resting bee

We try to maintain a natural biosystem that encourages slow worms, toads and common lizards to help us keep the slugs and snails in check. Chemicals are not allowed. The occasional hedgehog passes through, and many bees and butterflies visit the cultivated and wild flowers that we grow.


We try to use the flowers and foliage that we have gathered from our garden as much as possible. On occasion, we may supplement these  with flowers from other suppliers of local or British grown flowers.


We aim to promote the use of natural growing methods; recycling where ever we can, composting all our green waste, promoting the use of peat-free compost and saving rainwater. All our packaging is recyclable or re-useable and we never use non-biodegradable floral foam.

Our flowers are not treated with fungicide or preservative as this can hinder the flowers natural desire to open and release their perfume. 

Visiting pearl-bordered fritillary
Resident Toad
Cinnabar moth
Bluebells and Lunaria
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