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Roses in June

Designing with the seasonal flowers that I grow naturally and sustainably in The Highlands.

Somehow, we have come to accept that beautiful flowers should come to us from exotic far away places. And yet, right here are flowers that shine in our own fickle climate. This doesn’t mean lowering our floral expectations, instead, we can raise them with artisan planet-friendly blooms. 





Our most well-known and revered garden flowers bring you an understated elegance that evokes a longing for a time where our lives were more simple. British flowers in their natural season nestle in their place,  connecting us with their environment, their sense of belonging. They offer you a moment to enjoy their ephemeral season, drawing you in, inviting you to pause, to spend a quiet moment with them, then to carry their essence with you. A memory, a perfume that you can recall to recentre, to reground. 







Artisan flowers that are grown in their natural season without artificial chemicals, heat or light are available for you between April and October. From November to March, you can still enjoy these same flowers, preserved and dried naturally, without chemical dyes or bleach.

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