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Extending your Wedding Flower Budget

Stunning florals will always lift your celebration. They are an important element of your overall design.

And yet, they can use a surprising amount of your carefully planned budget. It makes sense to think of ways to make the most of your wedding flowers and so continue to enjoy them throughout your whole celebration.

Caring for your carbon footprint and using your floral budget wisely can be combined by reusing arrangements throughout your wedding or celebration.

Investment designs that have a ‘wow’ factor can be moved from your ceremony to the reception venue where you and your guests can enjoy them for longer. For example, statement urns can be moved from the ceremony and placed to mark an entrance at your reception venue. Investing in a striking and unique design has more impact than lots of smaller arrangements that can recede into the surroundings.

Aisle or window boxes can double as top table decorations or floor standing arrangements at the table ends. Bridal party bouquets can be placed in vases for further table centres or gift table decorations where they will remain fresh and hydrated throughout the day.

DIY flowers may appear, at first glance, to be the least expensive option, but they can quickly become stressful and surprisingly time consuming. The nature of their freshness demands your precious time the day before, or even on the very day of, your wedding. Here the investment in your florist is in your peace of mind and time spent instead with those you love. Those days leading up to your celebration that should be filled with excited anticipation.

Do get in touch. I'm looking forward to helping you create stunning designs that make the most of your budget and help you stay close to your ideals of reducing the impact of your Wedding Flowers on our environment.


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