I am Libby Nairn and with my daughter Alice, we want to give you the opportunity to consider the provenance of the flowers you choose for all your important and, simply special moments.


Hands Full of Flowers was launched in 2018 to bring you seasonal flowers that have been grown  naturally with care for our environment.

Growing flowers and then creating beautiful arrangements was a pleasure passed on to me by my mother and her family. My childhood memories of visiting my uncles and aunts and their families always involved a long stroll with them in their beautiful gardens. Sharing cuttings and produce was an important part of this ritual. Many of the flowers and shrubs in our garden were cuttings from all of their gardens and are full of precious memories of each of them. 



Rainy day tulips

Our designs, filled with scented seasonal blooms and foliage, are inspired by nature's abundance. 

Bouquet for June
Alice and her red wellies