My name is Libby Nairn and I have gardened in the Scottish Highlands for many years. With my daughter Alice, Hands Full of Flowers was launched out of a growing awareness of the air miles added to the flowers we enjoy to brighten the spaces we occupy.




We aim to promote the seasonal availability of varieties that grow happily in our northern environment.

Growing flowers and vegetables and then creating beautiful arrangements was a pleasure passed on to me by my mother and her family. My childhood memories of visiting all of my uncles and aunts and their families always involved a long stroll with them in their beautiful gardens. Sharing cuttings and produce was an important part of this ritual. Many of the flowers and shrubs are from cuttings from all of their gardens and are full of precious memories of each of them. 


Working with the challenges that gardening in Scotland presents means that some plants are just not happy to grow in these conditions, so I try to focus on those varieties that will flourish with the vagaries of the Scottish West Coast soil and climate. This means our flowers and arrangements are artisan and quite unique. 














Wandering through the garden collecting flowers is a simple pleasure that never fails to brighten my day. Chemicals are not allowed.    We try to maintain a natural biosystem in our garden so that slow worms, toads and common lizards all help us to keep the slugs and snails in check. The occasional hedgehog passes through and many bees and butterflies visit the wild flowers that we try not to disturb as they were all in the garden long before we arrived.


 19 Corrie Heights Braes Ullapool Ross-shire IV26 2SZ

01854 613164 or 07843 449014

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